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... How I Ended Up With Alex Casey

(If you came here first, head over to September F A R M to get the first part of the story!)

Hey September F A R M readers! Glad you stopped by to get the rest of the story... It's a long one, and you can read all the dirty details here. However, I know we're all on the edge of our seats right now, like WHAT?? Alex Casey! Married?! So here's the reader's digest version:

After high school, Alex Casey and I both attended the same University. We lived in the Freshman dorms, and he thought I was cute when he would see me waiting for the shuttle. I paid no attention to him. In fact, at this point, I had forgotten completely about The Bus incident. It was socially dooming, so I put it in the far corner of my mind.

One night at a Christmas party, while I was flirting with another boy, Alex took a leap of faith (literally) and jumped between me and the other boy. The other boy left. Alex and I talked all night. I ended up asking his best friend on a date. (Another long story.)

Alex started hanging around my apartment, and as we got to know each other, we got to like each other. I thought he was the cutest, funniest, curly hair boy I had ever met. After about three times of us hanging out with each other, as I shut the door and turned around to my roommates... I remembered. The Bus incident came flooding back into my memory and I was MORTIFIED. I broke my rule and told my roommates, and they died laughing. I mean, rolling on the floor laughing.

the roommates.
The next time he came over, they asked him about The Bus. (They also went to the same high school.) He told us his story, which in short version is, "One too many sloth stamps. Walked in after school and took it. Hid it under the dresser. Told everyone about it. Everyone thought I was awesome. Got told on. Kicked out of Honors English forever and always. Had to apologize in person. Parents really angry. Thought it was a boy named Matthew Bean. Hated Matthew Bean forever and always never forgive him ever ever ever."

I mean, I could never tell him it was me. I had a huge crush on him! He thought it was Matthew Bean and he HATED him! I vowed once again to never tell.

We kept hanging out. One night my roommate did that annoying thing where she was like, "Madeline has something to tell you!" and ran away. So, I changed the subject. We talked into the early hours of the morning. Alex wouldn't let me forget it, and eventually he just started guessing what I needed to tell him. And he guessed it, "You told on me to Mrs. King!!!!!!" We laughed all night about it and things were good.

Alex Casey was my first kiss. My first real crush. We could talk for hours. Hours and Hours. I thought it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Alex Casey kissed me and then got back together with his ex-girlfriend the week later.

(I know... you can all start booing him.)

I was heart broken. More heart broken than I've ever been in my life. But in my freshman innocence, I told my roommate "I'm going to get him back. I know it."

And two years later, after he served a mission for our church, he came back a completely changed person. I was changed too, I mean, 2 years is quite a while. Plenty of time to forgive a person. I had dated other people and was still dating other people. I let him be my friend again. I noticed how much he had changed. He was kinder, thought more about other people, had plans for the future, had good priorities... basically was no longer a dumb 18 year old boy. ;)

One day, he called me for a first date, and as soon as I answered the phone, I just knew. When you know, you know. What they say is true!

And that's the short but still long story of what happened.

Like I said before, you can check out all the details here. I explain more about starting to date each other again and getting engaged and all that too! Longest story ever, sorrynotsorry.

Thanks for stopping by!! Tell me about yourself! I'd love to get to know you and your story as well :)

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  1. i love a good love story. while mine isn't quite as sweet as yours...we have a common thread - we got the boy in the end. when you know. :)

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  3. Aw what a cute love story! That is still too funny about the bus.

  4. Seriously one of the best stories EVER!!!!

  5. Kristin | Tristan & KristinJuly 26, 2014 at 10:24 AM

    Such a fun love story!

  6. Adorable!! It makes me want to write ours. My hubby was my first kiss too :)

    1. You should definitely write yours! And then tell me and I'll read it! I love love stories :)

  7. I love this! I have been trying to write me and Mark's story and it's harder than I thought! Love stories are the best.



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