Monday, October 7, 2013

a whale of a tale

I heard that the color of the season is cobalt blue. I was thrilled for one thing, because I just happen to own a pencil skirt in that color. I patted myself on the back. Good nordstrom anniversary sale purchase, Mad!

So then the other day I was thinking. I need new nail polish. These thoughts enter my head usually when I'm about to go grocery shopping. Nail polish! So many colors! Let's be honest here, Essie is my brand of choice. But to get even more honest, Essie costs like $8, so I have to reject it tearfully EVERY TIME. Talk about depressing. So, I decided to go out on a limb and buy some brand I've never heard of in cobalt blue! COBALT BLUE NAILS! I haven't painted my nails blue since like, the sixth grade.

And while we're on the subject of blue and nail polish and what strange things we do to make our fingers look good (seriously, who decided that painting them was a thing?) I have a weird thing where when I see mint colored nail polish, first I think ooh! Pretty. And then the next second, I'm over it. Mint! Everyone loves it so hard! Me? Not so much. What is wrong with me? I bought a mint t-shirt from j. crew on sale for $7. I bought it big on purpose. I like it. But I don't LOVE it. Because of the color. Do you all hate me now? This is like when I told you how I felt about the flavor of dr. pepper. I'll go hide my face in shame somewhere.

In other completely unrelated news, today my students and I were chatting about our little book on Fossils. I made the mistake(?) of mentioning that there are fish fossils on top of mountains because mountains used to be under the ocean. So we had to talk about how that could even happen? And then I mentioned earthquakes.... let's just say we didn't quite learn what we were supposed to today.
There was a lot of this:
"Well, earthquakes cause the earth to move like this!"
"What? What happens if there is an earthquake at school?"
"You would hide under the desk and cover your head."
"What if you're at home and there is an earthquake? Do you go under your bed?"
"No, the safest place is under the door frame."
"What is a door frame?!"
(And yes, I demonstrated how to stand under a door frame. That is a life skill right there!)
"What if you're in the middle of a field?"
"Just cover your head."
"What if rocks fall on your head in the field?"
"Where did the rocks come from?"
"rocks don't fall from the sky."
"Umm, yeah. Meteors!"
"Oh, ok, so this is an earthquake where there are also meteors. So let me guess, there is also a tornado, lightning and thunder, a flash flood, and a blizzard?"
(cue the never ending laughter. I mean it. They laughed for ages.)

Speaking of making fourth graders laugh, the other day I told a joke... yeah, nevermind. This post is way too long.

p.s. hey i did something SUPER cool. I made a button for my blog! It's up there at the top where I wrote "button"! Click on that and you'll find it! I would love to do button swaps with anyone. Just let me know! Or just take a button not expecting anything in return, because that's cool too. either way.


  1. yay! you changed your blog name back! I missed it.

  2. For the record, I'm not into mint either. I don't always read your blog, but on the occasion that I do (usually because I am avoiding something I am supposed to be the dishes), I LOVE it! Your posts are always a delightful read, and may I add that I have had the same conversation, almost verbatim, with my kids!? They are obsessed with all natural disasters now. So silly. Kids are hilarious!

  3. haha okay I just found your blog and you're funny!! I love it. Glad I found you because I'm really excited to read more!

    p.s. who was in charge of pricing out Essie nail polish!? Someone kick them!


  4. OHMYGOSHMINTGREEN. I, too, hate it. HATE IT. Except sometimes, I do find myself being a fan. Which I think is annoying of me. It's like, COMMIT, right? Also, I have a nail polish trick for you. I never buy nail polish because my roommate is obsessed with OPI nail polish and she literally has over one hundred different colors. So, once or twice a week, we have a nail painting party. Anyway, not the point. The point is that she has turned me on to Seche Vite top coat which makes your nails like gel nails. If you put generic grocery store brand nail polish on and you hate the way it's not shiny, put Seche Vite on as a top coat, and you'll have gel nails. I hope this was long-comment-worthy. Maybe you already know about Seche Vite. But I needed to share my knowledge because it changed my life.

  5. hey i painted my nails blue too. THIS IS ABI!!! HAHAHAH!


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