Thursday, December 19, 2013

shopaholics not so anonymous

You may recall that before Thanksgiving, I posted about having a strange day.

Well... the saga continues. Two days ago, I was on my way home from school when what to my wondering eyes did appear?? A man in one of those machines that digs up the ground! (I can't for the life of me remember what they're called. sorry.) So, not wanting to deal with that, I turned around and decided to go to the mall. I needed a few more gifts, and what better time than now? I texted Alex and told him to meet me there, and we made a whole day/night of it.

First I went to Ulta by myself, because Alex wasn't home yet, and I wanted to buy a face mask and some nail polish. It took me about 30 minutes to figure out where the face masks were, and a whole lot of feeling completely clueless about the world of beauty. But! When I used a 20% off coupon I had, I left the store feeling Ulta-mately triumphant! (too much. I know.)

Alex met me at the mall where we ran straight to Bath and Body Works and smelled all of their stuff. We bought three and got three free, and you better believe I wish this was a sponsored post. But it's not. It's just about me getting a crazy deal, because then I also used another coupon and got $10 off that! Alex cheered and did a victory dance! (In his head. I wish for real.)

After which we got dinner at Panda Express and bemoaned the fact that our rental people come into our house unannounced all the time, and rip up our floors without warning. Then we read our fortunes. Alex's said something about a wise man being slow to choose friends and also slow to change. (why is slow to change a good thing?) And then mine said that I love rising to challenges or something which is TRUE!

Which is why, suddenly when Alex realized he needed some office supplies, and he really wanted a cute picture of us to frame on his desk, we flew (really drove) to the local Staples and got a mouse pad and a picture frame! (Alex didn't have a coupon, otherwise I really would have done a victory dance.) And then we needed to print off the picture, but that would mean that we need to go home to get the picture on a USB, so we went to Best Buy and bought Alex a super nice USB just because we could and it was on sale. (Are we sounding like shopaholics right now? yes.)

Long story short, we got the picture, and Alex now wants to collect USBs just like the man who worked at the check out at Best Buy. It's a nerdy world I live in, ladies.

All to say, yesterday I drove home and saw that someone else was at our house doing stuff to the floor, so I turned around and went to Hastings, where I read a chapter of the book I wish I could buy but I'm not because I don't feel like spending $26 on a novel. (oh, suddenly I'm a cheapskate? yep, this is my world.) I felt like a crook the whole time because I knew I wouldn't buy it. But it was entertaining and beautiful. And then I got a bagel and a smoothie.

And our floor is fixed, but we can't move the furniture back for 24 hours for fear of ruining the glue.

The moral of the story is, things that might seem like a huge bummer in your life like having people break into your house unannounced to rip up your floor (ok, break in is dramatic - they had a key) can actually be a positive, because you get to spend time in beautiful places and buy lots of things.

Happy Thursday.

p.s. to add insult to injury... one of the workers totally left his lunch on our counter. Half eaten!!!!!!!! Gag.

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