Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i told you so

Yesterday, my family and I went to the loveliest place on the planet.
Cannon Beach, Oregon.
At least, it is MY loveliest place on the planet. 
All my life I have loved it. Dreamed about it. Wished I lived in it.
It's just downright beautiful.
The flowers, the ocean, the shops, the trees, the grass, the drinking fountain with the best water I have ever had...
For some reason, my fascination with the beach took over again.
And after shop shop shopping away (where I got some AWESOME toms) I begged my family to just please please can we walk over to the beach? We only have to stay 15 minutes max. 10 minutes. It's just such a perfect day! I just think we really should even just look at it. From a distance if we have to.
(my family was kind of tired from walking around all day, so they needed convincing.)
So finally, my dad said yes! fine! let's go to the beach.
So we walked up there, and down onto the sand, and instantly everyone's lives were brighter and more brilliant because of Cannon Beach.
And we stayed there for a lot longer than 15 minutes.
And my mom even had the nerve to say, "I think this was the best part of the day!"
You're welcome.

p.s. anyone want to go in on a beach house with me??


  1. Cannon Beach is Awesome, I love beaches in Oregon, especially with the way the weather finally is up here

  2. My friend's fiance flew her up to Cannon Beach and proposed there. She said it was pretty awesome.

  3. Beautiful! Great job convincing your family. It was well worth it. Love that last picture!!


  4. beach house? yes, count me in!! preferably before we are 83.


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