Monday, January 30, 2012

little brother

handsome kid.
Last night my brother, my thirteen year old brother, did something amazing.
Of course, he often does amazing things. 
He seems to be one of those people who hasn't lost faith in themselves yet. Such is the gift of young people.
(Not that I, myself, am the opposite of young or even faithless.
But there does come a point in life where you realize how much work all of your dreams are actually going to take.)
He got his Eagle Scout award. At thirteen years old! 
I do believe that is a huge accomplishment, and I am the proudest I have ever been of the little guy.
My brother is a hard worker. He sets his mind to things, and he gets them done. He cares about all living things intensely. He is empathetic, sympathetic, and always the shoulder to cry on if you need it. He's uplifting, hilarious, and sweet. At the same time, he is full of an unending energy, many obnoxious jokes and noises, and a love of teasing mercilessly.
But that's really all you can ask for from a brother, right?
I am so proud of him, and so happy he has chosen to do scouting. I have really come to love the program, and see it as a way to make boys into the men that they should be.
The values and strengths my brother has gained from the program will be with him for his whole life, and I could not be more grateful.
Thank goodness for little brothers who choose the right!

Now, for the fun stuff. 
Here are some quotes from our vacation this past summer from my brother. Those of you who weren't there may not really understand these or think they are funny. That's all right, I appreciate courtesy laughs.

b: Dad! Look at me!
(dad looks, b holds up rubber band gun)
You are currently enjoying your last moments.

b: Driver, please use your brain.

b: I've learned in my life to never tell dad what you really think of him.

b: it's hard to have a relationship with this guy! (points to dad)

b: and he's French.
dad: yeah.
b: scumbag. I'll kick his "a".

b: if you don't help me now, i may never get help!

b: you can judge me, mom.

b: he scoffed at me, i'll scoff at him! SCOFF.

me: these hills make me scared!!
b: it's ok, we have traction. Put 'er in low, dad!

b: you had seconds, mom hasn't even had firsts!!! (said to Olivia)
(mom cuts herself a piece, b reaches over and takes it.)

b: don't worry about it mom, you're like the skinniest person i know!
abi: what about me?!
b: mmm... sorry, tubby.

p.s. it may not seem like it... or maybe it does, but my dad and brother are best friends.

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  1. hahahhaha i started crying i was laughing so hard at the "b: you had seconds, mom hasn't even had firsts!!! (said to Olivia)
    (mom cuts herself a piece, b reaches over and takes it.)" hahahahahhahaha good memories. This is liv btw i dont feel like signing in.


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