Tuesday, May 1, 2012

so long, farewell! and some awesome french toast.

Yesterday was a very, very busy day. One of those days where you are just going, going, going. But I can tell you one thing - I have never been so happy to wake up early to grab breakfast with friends. My wonderful friend Stacia is leaving me, (just like everyone else!!) to go on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She leaves to Ecuador on Wednesday, and it was the last time I would be able to see her! But I can't imagine it going any better. Because there is just something about stumbling upon a cute little restaurant and having french toast together that makes these kinds of things a little easier to bear. (Even though Stacia hates omelettes) (Even thought Jessica didn't like the French toast) (Even though Laura and I had a great experience). So, farewell Stacia! I will write you many a letter. And when you come home in 18 months... well let's just say we BOTH know who your future husband will be. ;)

p.s. one final down, three to go.


  1. AHHH!! I cannot believe I am going to be a missionary!

    When you were walking away from the car into the education building, we were all placing bets on how many times you would turn back to wave.


    I will see you in 18 months!!

  2. Oh how fun! I miss going out for breakfast with friends. france doesn't really 'do' breakfast, and they don't even make French Toast!! Isn't that ironic? :)

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    Hope to see you there! Thanks so much!



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