Tuesday, June 12, 2012

something cool! something exciting! something that, if you love me, you'll pay attention to!

Happy Afternoon, everyone! Wow! Two posts in one day! How exciting. (but not the most exciting thing yet!) As you all may know, (and may be tired of me talking about? sorry...) I have a podcast with my friend Cody that is all about dating. Whether you listen to it or not, this may be of some interest to you now, because we have finally encroached upon YOUR internet space... that is, the blogosphere! dun dun dun. That's right everyone. I will be running a new dating blog that features what we talk about on the podcast as well as extra date stories and fun things for your perusal! Now you may be thinking, this is dumb and I don't care, and if that's the case, I'm a little hurt... but also would like you to know that if you care what I happen to like what I say on THIS blog, then the dating blog will probably be fun for you. Because it's basically the only place I'm willing to be completely candid about my dating life... how it's going and how it's not. That's right. Something has finally convinced me to talk about it. So. Just head right on over there. Follow the blog! Follow the twitter! Like on Facebook! It's fun, guys. Believe me.

blog found HERE!
p.s. don't be afraid to comment or question! on either blog! 

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