Monday, August 6, 2012

well, off we go!

This past Friday was my last day of EFY this summer. And honestly? I am really sad. I felt so ready for it to be over, the days leading up to the end of the week. But things happen, life changes... Ha. What really happened was that four of the most awesome kids EFY has ever seen decided to make themselves my best friends for the week. So, I spent pretty much all Friday night crying over leaving them, and of course, it being the end of the Logan Team as we know it. I would put a picture of me and my awesome boys, but I feel like I probably shouldn't post pictures of teenagers without their permission... ha ha. So just picture a bunch of cute kids that you would want to be friends with, even though you are 8 years older than them.

So, anyway. I came home from EFY in a state of depression, with a tired headache, and an empty stomach. My family decided what they really wanted was sushi, so we all headed over, and that's where the pictures above came from. What's the real special occasion here? Oh, just the fact that right now, while you're reading this, I'm in England. Weird, right? Hopefully I'll have the presence of mind to blog a bit while I'm there and keep you updated on my adventures. I get distracted by real life sometimes. As evidenced by last weeks sporadic posting...

And no, I won't be attending the olympics. But I will be going to Platform 9 3/4, the Harry Potter exhibit, Stratford on Avon, the white cliffs of Dover, gazing upon the crown jewels, staying in a farm house, and oh yeah... visiting Downton Abbey.

p.s. 5 more followers and we're there!

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  1. You'd best be blogging from England. You said you would, and now you've blogged that you would, and now I have an office/desky job, so you totally need to. And I did not abbreviate any of these words specifically for your own peace of mind.


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