Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline!

Here's the deal, folks. I want to be Madeline for Halloween. I know what you're thinking, you ARE Madeline! (Thanks for remembering my name!) No, I mean, I want to be THE Madeline. The little French girl. That's where my mom got the idea for my name anyway.

You know, the whole yellow hat, blue jacket with a white collar, plus or minus the dog. I mean, seriously, I'm all in for this costume. Only problem is, I don't have the costume. I have nothing. How on earth am I supposed to find such amazing little articles of clothing? Apparently not possible... at least for adults. And I know what you're thinking. Halloween is next week you little Madeline Wannabe. And to that I say, when did you stop dreaming? When did you turn into a cynic and hate on everyone else's dreams? Huh? Huh? Why is my little Madeline costume dream so impossible to you?

And then I'll stop and think, hmm, maybe that was dramatic. And let's be completely honest here... I'm not talking to anyone. I'm writing on this blog. And my little sister Olivia made me a princess outfit so I could be a princess if I've wanted to. And to avoid any discretion, I'll tell you that when I was a small child it was my sole purpose to convince anyone and everyone that Princess was my middle name. So, both costumes are sentimental.

But dang it... I want Madeline.

p.s. when I asked Olivia what I should blog about, she said this, "Something about your kids or your secret love for UNO cards or your inspiration to e a swim teacher or the way that it's already snowing and your toes are constantly cold and you want just a little bit of hot chocolate but preferably cider cause you don't like too much hot chocolate, write about your bed being your favorite place or blog about Alex's hair routine and post a video of him doing his hair, blog about your car and post a video of you giving a tour of your car and attach a wagon and pull Alex around in it, blog about carving pumpkins, blog about your relationship with dad, blog about Abi's hair and how many split ends you can count, if she even has any. Blog about how I should be on SNL because I'm SO FUNNY that I even make myself laugh. Blog about how clever the invention an umbrella was, blog about if you should use an umbrella in the snow or not, blog about kisses in the rain being overrated, blog about the girl that wouldn't wear pants to seminary, blog about your love for waffles and strawberry toppings, blog about how you must change your hair or you get bored, blog about beards, manly or not? Blog about cinnamon bears and the joy they bring when they are chocolate covered."  And the thing is, I only believe in or know about half those things. So. If you want me to write about any of them, feel free to leave a comment.


  1. You will find everything for the Madeline costume.

    Also. . . .
    Wow! Olivia is a goldmine of ideas. These are all fantastic. Why don't we have a wagon? And next time I see Abi, I'm going to inspect her hair.

  2. he really did inspect my hair!


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