Wednesday, November 28, 2012

a jumble of words about stuff

Good news! Turns out dating really is THAT easy!

Today I had the incredible opportunity to give my little fourth graders... a SURVEY. about ME! I know. I know. What could they possibly really think of me? I mean, this was anonymous! (Which maybe I should have specified what anonymous means more clearly to Juan...) I passed out the surveys, and explained that the really happy face meant GOOD and the really angry face meant BAD, and then I backed slowly out of the classroom, giving certain students smiles and winks, you know, just in case. And I've got news for you! They like me! They really like me! They think I care about them, and I want to help them, and some of them even said the L-O-V-E word to me, which is pretty big news. I mean, there isn't a girl alive who doesn't like being told someone loves her, right? But by a couple fourth graders? My life is complete. (even more complete than when I found that love note, which, in itself is a different story.)

The truth is, I do care about them quite a lot. I realized this in the middle of a teacher meeting this afternoon while passionately discussing the ways of teaching them how to write. I mean, their futures mean a whole lot to me. It's really interesting what you'll do for people you care about, you know? If those kids needed me in some way, I'd drop everything. That's true of other people too, don't you worry. Why, just today my favorite boy told me he had a headache, so I forced him to meet me outside of his school while I gave him medicine and a little zip lock baggie of chocolate and pretzels, and heck, why not throw a string cheese in there as well? It's not too hard, you know, to take care of people.

The thing is, I have this awful math test I have to take. And it's causing me stress. I've taken it time and time again, and can't seem to pass the thing. And sitting down to study for the thousandth time the other night, staring at those stupid little equations, those numbers all jumbled together with all their RULES... well it made me crazy. Crazy frustrated. Why couldn't this information just be in my head? Why does it keep leaving me? And WHY do I even need to take this test in the first place?

I think it's obvious I can be a teacher!

(too cocky?) (it's the surveys.)

The moral of the story is, I have felt what it's like to try and learn something that for some reason I just can't grasp onto and run with... and I don't understand how kids make it through school without crying their eyes out in frustration at least once a day.

I guess kids are cool like that.

p.s. does anyone even read this blog anymore? besides Jenna and my sisters? I'm sorry everyone. I'll try to be better, cross my heart!


  1. chocolate can cause headaches, so that chocolate you gave your beau today? yeah. you're not as great as you think.

    but actually you are. that was just sarcasm. because i love you and i still read your blog and isn't that all you need? WHY WOULD YOU NEED MORE THAN ME?

  2. I definitely still read your blog.

    So post more.

  3. no worries i still read it. when i'm on blogger... which is sadly rare ha ha

  4. I read faithfully. I just read on my phone and it doesn't allow me to comment but I am here.


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