Sunday, November 4, 2012

sunday happenings

was this picture staged or not? you decide.

Words from this kid's mouth:

Alex: You should really blog right now.
Me: Why?
Alex: I just think you should blog.
Me: What should I blog about?
Alex: Me, and all the funny things I say.
Me: What funny things do you say?
Alex: I don't know. Google some jokes and say I'm the one who made them up.

p.s. life is good over here! have a wonderful sunday!


  1. Okay, so maybe your boyfriend isn't imaginary. But the pictures you've posted are still potentially inconclusive. Maybe you were just stalking this man and snapped a picture covertly.

  2. Marie, I know he's ridiculously good looking, and maybe you thought I couldn't end up with a guy like that... but SURPRISE! It happened. I think you just need to accept it.


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