Wednesday, January 9, 2013

i've never been so scatter-brained before.

Sorry for my absence after my big news... for those of you who care, and want to know more. The truth is, I hardly know where to begin. I feel like I can't adequately express my feelings about being engaged. Happy doesn't seem to cover it... content, comfortable, peaceful, excited, exultant, cheerful... I need a word that means everything!

The thing is, I think it would help a lot more if you all actually knew the whole story. The whole story is a long one, and it covers many many years of getting to this point. Tonight, Alex and I went to this Institute class at college called "Building an Eternal Marriage" because, you know, we're doing that!! (What the?!) The teacher wandered around, calling on random couples to share their story. And Alex and I turned to each other and whispered, "not us, please not us..." Because, frankly, it's not that fun to only tell the basic details. Our story needs everything, every little moment that led up to Alex getting down on one knee last Saturday.

So I was thinking... if not just for my own personal benefit... I mean, this is my blog and everything... I'll share it here. In my own words, all the details. The real story of how Alex and I became Alex and I. And I know what you're thinking - just another love story. But I promise you, you'd be surprised.

So what do you say? Want to come along for the ride?

p.s. planning a wedding is A LOT of work.

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