Tuesday, April 2, 2013

there was a time... that i actually took pictures.

Sisters, and brothers, and all manner of handsome fiances' like to hang out together on Easter Sundays.

Our time together is looking shorter and shorter... off I go to get married, off Abi goes on a mission, off Olivia goes to college... and the little brother will be home alone with the parents. (Not a bad life if you ask me, those parents of ours are top notch.)
It turns out that my handsome little bro's birthday is on April 2, so naturally Alex and I found some magic to bring him. In the form of a magic egg. You need to sit down to fully appreciate a magic egg, so we made sure our little buddy was seated and prepared.

this takes ultimate concentration.

and then you SMASH it!

surprise! Confetti all over. It was worth it.
Anyone who really knows me knows, my family is super important to me. I have always wanted to be around them more than any friends. In fact, most of high school weekends were spent on my couch at home, with my parents. I know, boring right? This was a product of being shy, but also a product of just having no desire to leave my home. And you know what? I hope my future home is like that. I hope we don't want to leave. I mean, I hope we DO leave, every now and then. But I sure as heck hope that we are overjoyed to come home, always. And that our children feel safe, and that even if they like hanging out with their friends more than us, they are always happy to return.

And just for your entertainment...
 He's BULL-DOZING ha ha, get it? Dozing on a bulldozer? Well.. anyway.

p.s. speaking of homes, i've been looking for my new MARRIED home all day today!

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