Thursday, June 20, 2013

madeline and the ocean: a saga

just pretend this is me.

So, the swimming saga continues. I'll have you all know that yesterday at around lunchtime, four of my favorite people in the world walked into a shop together, and came out carrying boogie boards. They looked at me with sympathetic eyes, and then turned to each other, excited for the prospect of what was to come. I frowned inwardly at myself. Where was my sense of adventure? Where was my courage? Where was my natural human instinct telling me that swimming was fun???!?!? I decided that I too, would put on my swim suit and venture down to the beach. Making no promises of course. I would simply sit on a log and watch. Perhaps someone would invite me to TRY OUT A BOOGIE BOARD? I would sit there uncomfortably for a couple minutes, telling them that no, I didn't really want to use it and they should go have fun. They would most likely continue to try to drag me out there, after which I would eventually aquiesce.

This did not happen.

I sat on the log with my mother and sucked on far too many lemon drops until the motley crew finally joined us on the beach with thrilling tales and sea salt hair and the need for a dry towel. I kept my disappointed feelings to myself. These feelings had no business being in my water hating self anyway! Eventually my secret could not be contained. Someone with dark curly hair and blue eyes wrangled the information out of me, and after that it was gung ho! get Madeline in the water time!

So, before anyone saw it coming, I was in my swimsuit, wading out into the freezing water with a boogie board on my wrist. I looked to the left... to the right... down at my feet... up in the air... all around me, but it was definitely not a dream. I was in the water. Everyone was talking to me, trying to explain what I had to do. The boy with curly hair talked animatedly, waving his board and giving precise instructions. I turned from him to Olivia, telling me that it was ok, and I should just breathe in and out. (I have a history of panic attacks when in water... ok, one panic attack, but it was real.) Finally, my eyes found my not-so-little-anymore brother, and my ears attached themselves to his words. Before I could blink an eye, I was throwing myself on a wave, and flying across the beach!

To everyone's surprise, I was soon flying all over. Further than anyone in the family. My body was numb, but my legs said, keep going! Keep running in the waves! Keep jumping and flying and getting wet! The boy with curly hair demanded to know how I was doing what I was doing. My parents watched with open mouths and wide eyes. I was a natural.

I'm just telling all you people, this is a true story. And the weird part is, swimming still does not sound fun to me... I wonder if it will every end?

p.s. today we had the pleasure of dining at a place called Pig N' Pancake. That is all I have to say about that.

p.p.s. I let my mom wear my wedding ring at the beach today while I hit the waves. When I came to get it back from her, she DROPPED IT IN THE SAND AND IT SANK LIKE THE HEAVIEST THING IN THE WORLD. We all did double takes. The ring had disappeared. Luckily, my mom reached down and dug it up with no further issues. It was quite alarming at the time.

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  1. OH MY GOSH. I almost had a mild panic attack about your ring. Don't do that to me.


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