Friday, October 18, 2013

A Harrowing Story of Good Vs. Evil

... which actually means this is a story of something trivial, but that's how we do things around these parts. Because that's the way uh huh uh huh i like it!

Many moons ago, while Alex the Lion and I were still dating, we cooked a lot together. Mostly panini's. Sometimes quesadillas. And other than that most likely we ordered a Little Caesar's pizza.

I was just about to write about how sometimes we needed to use a can opener for some fancy ingredients, but then I remembered the FIRST time we had to use the can opener and it was a better story, so now we'll segway into that and then, no worries, I'll tell you what I really meant to tell you. (My, this blog gets better and better every day, doesn't it?!) One time in Young Women's way back in the day I made a "Wedding Time Capsule", you know, as you do. So after Alex and I got engaged we needed to open it. Only it was in one of those cans? From the cannery? They're really thick and like, you probably need to just bash them open with a hammer or something because - here's where the can opener comes in! - Alex's roommate's dollar store can opener met it's death that day.

You would think Cody would have learned his lesson when he bought the first dollar store can opener, and kind of splurged on one of those heavy duty metal kinds or something? I mean, it was apparent that his roommate and fiance were a little bit can opener accident prone. But no, he marched back to the dollar store and bought another one. And boy did that thing stink! Not literally, just in the sense that it was up to no good. Alex the Great and I ended up needing to buy those cans of soup that have the.. hmm... what are those called? You know, the top looks like a soda can? Yeah, those.

Well anyway, then Alex and I got married (I know what you're thinking, where is this story going? Just... keep reading) and we got a can opener! It seemed to be of the dollar store quality, but we thought, hey, what the heck? We'll just use it anyway. And that thing. THAT THING. It was a source of marital arguments. Any time we decided we wanted a tuna fish sandwich, we fought over who had to open the can. It was work fit for someone who earns a salary, I'm telling you. And every time, we swore we'd just go use our Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift card to buy a fancy one!  Yet, once the tuna was unlocked, we usually forgot about that and just devoured sandwiches.


Today I woke up with a hankering to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. (Insert some cliche I LOVE FALL!! saying here and then that quote from Anne of Green Gables if you wish.) So I got out the bowl, I got out the chocolate chips, and then I pulled out the can of pumpkin... you can imagine what happened in my head just then. NO! THAT DARNED CAN OPENER! And then I couldn't find the can opener? Something tells me the last time we used it, it was a little too much for us and the can opener was sent to can opener prison?

Now was the time. I was on a mission. I threw on my shoes and raced out the door. (I had half an hour until I needed to be at Jenna's!)(Which, why was I trying to make cookies at that time anyway?) I flew to BB&B. I jumped out of the car and marched to the door.

^^^ This is me looking determined ^^^

The employees were sitting there chatting! CHATTING! So I spoke to them all, and said, "I need a can opener. I need YOUR BEST CAN OPENER PLEASE."

The nice lady calmly walked me to the can opener wall that was actually right in front of me, and pulled one off the shelf. "It has a magnetiz..." "I'LL TAKE IT!" 

I checked out, grabbed my bag, and flew out the door.

While stopping to take a picture, because these things must be documented... or so the blogging world tells me.

And then I made it on time to Jenna's house for lunch.

Mission. Accomplished.

p.s. the pumpkin cookies were delicious, as per usual.


  1. OHMYGOSH. This killed me. I read the entire thing with an attitude of "WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?!" and I'm not joking about that. Because I do not joke about can openers (and I'm obviously in good company).

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  3. You are gorgeous
    Love your mother

  4. I'm still hanging on to whether or not you ever got your marriage time capsule opened.

  5. I just spent a week babysitting my SIL's three kids and the worst part about it was trying to figure out her crappy can opener! This is a constant problem in my life. I might just start carrying my own in my purse.

    (PS I found you through Love the Skinny's, in case you thought I was a weirdo.)


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