Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mystery Solved.

I got my first email address when I was 14. I had my dad help me set it up. I remember sitting by the computer with him, and trying to choose what my email should be, and him getting a little frustrated because I was having a really hard time deciding... such was my 14 year old self. I finally settled on my childhood nickname, because, you know, that's what your email looked like when you were 14.

So anyway, this weekend, I tried to access that same email (it's the one I use mainly for junk now, but I like to clean it out every now and then, and check to see if anything important has filtered through) and I got a harrowing message from Comcast saying that my email had been infiltrated by imposters, and that I needed to change my password! But FIRST! I needed to answer security questions to prove who I really was! Do you know what the security question was? DO YOU!

"What is your favorite beverage?"

Feeling oh so clever, I typed in water. I was sure that my 14 year old self loved water. (I went through a no soda stage... I thought it was around 14?) That answer was wrong. So I typed in Sprite. (because when I do drink soda, I choose the boring ones.) That answer was wrong. I typed in root beer! Nothing! I couldn't imagine what else my 14 year old self liked! I tweeted it to the world, and my sister Olivia told me I put Sierra Mist. That felt right to me. (I went through a Sierra Mist stage, I liked that it was sweeter than sprite, but not as bubbly as 7-Up? I clearly remember telling that to friends....) SIERRA MIST WAS ALSO WRONG!

I tossed and turned during the night, trying to remember what I could have liked to drink as an adolescent. I wouldn't have put any sort of milk product or juice... those aren't even my favorites now! Could I have put that drink we had at my uncle's wedding? It was a slushy grape juice mix that was to die for! WHAT WAS THAT CALLED?

When I woke up, I sat in front of my computer and wracked my brain. Finally I decided the real test would be to ask myself what was the drink I always got at the gas station before a long road trip?

And then the answer came to me.

Propel. Lemon or Strawberry Kiwi please.

p.s. it's the little mysteries of life, right?


  1. I looooove Propel! Grape and Strawberry Kiwi are liquid GOLD! I always carry some of each of those pouches in my purse.

  2. Haha... This is my fear exactly when choosing security questions. Which is why I always end up picking the ones that can't be changed, like the name of my first grade teacher. Which also means, if someone really really really wanted to hack me, it probably wouldn't be that hard :/

  3. Ha ha, I found this so amusing for some reason. Mmmm, Propel.


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