Friday, November 1, 2013

the aftermath

On Wednesday, I was having the usual crazy day at school. Mostly it was crazy because the whole time I was teaching, I was also planning our classroom Halloween Party in the back of my mind. Preoccupied teachers are not always the best. It's just that Halloween really snuck up on me somehow, and I had a lot I needed to do! I also was under the impression that I had pinned tons of Halloween games on pinterest, so my difficulty would be to choose the best ones. However, when I got on pinterest, I was disappointed to see that I had really only pinned like 2 that would actually work with that amount of planning. Amount of planning being zero... typical Madeline!

And then in the middle of that dilemma, I got a text from my dad saying that my sister Olivia's mission call had come! It wasn't supposed to come until next week! (You can meet Olivia in other posts here and here if you aren't familiar with that beautiful sister of mine.)

Well obviously I had to drive down to see her open it. And that made it also painfully obvious that I wouldn't have time to pull together ANYTHING for Halloween yesterday. ANYTHING. So, I got in the car with Alex and drove down to watch her open the call.

Guess where she's going??!? Baltimore, Maryland! Awesome, huh? Here's the thing about Olivia. She's really amazing. Quite an inspiration to me actually! She's been put in situations in the past few months that would really undo most people, and she has met them with incredible strength. She has truly proved her character, and it's amazing to see my sister - who was eternally eleven years old in my mind - stick up for her standards over and over again, and then commit to serving a mission for eighteen months. She's kind of the coolest. You can read her blog here. (but she kind of needs to post more... hint hint olivia.)

Anyway, here is a picture of us to cap this all off.

And if you're wondering, I threw together the games in 45 minutes during my prep time the next day, and had Alex go pick up treats for me. My Halloween party was surprisingly a success.

Also... check out this picture of Alex and I as Tony and Pepper round 2. Are we not making a strikingly similar pose to the one of me and Olivia above? Only Alex is me, and I am Olivia? Am I making this up? Answer me!

 (let's be honest... I was Alex's accessory. I'm no Pepper Potts.)

p.s. it is a tragedy that parents are not reading the Madeline books to their children. No kids knew who I was at school today!! what is the world coming to.


  1. How cute that you and Alex were Olivia and you for Halloween!

  2. Jenna's comment ^^^ woo! You're the bees knees Madeline, I really appreciate you.

  3. Congrats to your sister Olivia. Love the name, it's my daughter's name too! Also, my grandparents served their second mission in Baltimore. The people there are so cool (I can't quite think of the right word, cool isn't cool enough. . .)

    And now I'm off to buy my daughter some Madeline books.


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