Thursday, December 5, 2013

here's this for ya

Look at me at the movie theater with my husband! Look at our bad quality cell phone picture and my round face!
Look at me with a towel on my head! I thought it was a great time to take a picture! I mean, duh!
Look at my miniature Christmas tree! It used to be my American Girl Doll tree, but now it's mine, complete with fake presents.

I don't know guys, this is kind of all I got. I just got back from Catching Fire and now I just want to go to sleep. I like the movie, it's not because of the movie. It's because I am tired.

Anyway, Alex is trying to do some super secret santa christmas stuff, but he needs my pictures for some reason? And my blog password? Any ideas guys? Right now he is trying to find my USB drive. I told him it was in the grey purse, hanging on the bed. Not the little striped one, not the orange one... the gray one. Wait, is grey spelled with an e or an a? THIS IS A REAL LIFE QUESTION.

He started walking to the bedroom and said, where is your USB drive? And I said, In the GREY/GRAY purse! The one I just said! and he's like, where is it? And I'm like ON THE BED, LIKE I JUST SAID. And he's like, this is not a grey/gray purse! It's blue!

I didn't answer.

(We can all rest assured it is grey/gray.)

(The USB was not inside.)

good night. (or good morning, or good afternoon, just WHENEVER YOU'RE READING IT.)


  1. Grey is the English spelling, Gray is the American spelling :) Beautiful tree x

  2. i think it is gray for the color and grey for grey's anatomy. hahahah IDK! i've always wondered that ever since the show!


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