Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the past five years.

Yesterday I got home from school, and Alex was setting up some sort of fancy tv antennae. I mean, it was supposed to be fancy. It was actually kind of dumb. Because you see... some cable company that will remain nameless because i'm not that type of person decided that they could just up and take our channels away! Too bad! They put on some nice infomercial telling me that I could call a number and have them send me a device that would make the TV sing to me once more (sing, because duh, the voice). So you know, I called them, and they said I would need to pay them TRIPLE what I'm paying them now. So I said I would think about it and hung up. Anyway, this is not what this blog post was supposed to be about... don't you love my little random rants?

So Alex left for work after we determined that said "fanciest antennae in Logan" wasn't going to restore our hopes and dreams. And then I sat on the couch and played solitaire on my phone for longer than I would care to relay to you. And then I went grocery shopping. And then as I was eating my cottage cheese, strawberries, and ritz crackers for dinner... Alex texted me!!!!!!

(over-dramatic exclamation points? check.)

He asked me how I would describe the past five years of my life; one sentence for each year.

I'm a sucker for challenges like that, and I'm also a sucker for thinking challenges like that would make good blog posts, so there we are.

2009: The year of firsts.
(first kiss, first boyfriend, first college experience, first summer between semesters, first river rafting trip... you get the point.)
me circa 2009
 2010: The year I rose above my challenges.
me circa 2010
2011: The year I found out who I was.

me circa 2011
2012: The year everything fell into place.
me (in hawaii!) circa 2012
 and 2013: The best year of my life.

(I think that about every year. It's kind of the greatest.)
me just a few months ago.
How would you sum up your past five years in sentences?


  1. Ooh fun, I want to play! This is good because I need a post for tomorrow.

  2. I LOVE this idea!! I'm totally gonna do a blog post like this!! Thanks for sharing! :) How fun it is to look back on those memories!!

  3. I love this idea so much!! Definitely going to have to do a post like this later in the week... though there are some

  4. ...some years that I don't want to look back on! Comment got cut off for some reason, whoops :P

  5. Such a cute unique idea! :) That Hawaii picture is AWESOME!


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