Friday, December 20, 2013

This is me, wishing you a Merry Winter Break!

So, this morning, I was rushing to school, laden with presents and candy canes and pretzels, you know, because it's Christmas. comma. 

Anyway, we all wore our pajamas because we were going to do a whole Polar Express thing. It's been super snowy here, so I wore my boots and then brought slippers to change into.

So I'm standing in my classroom, shaking off my boots, really unladylike, and next thing I know the principal walks in. So I was like,

"Hi! I'm just um... changing into my slippers. (pause). I'm sorry, this is really awkward."

And he said,

"Ok, Mr. Rogers."


I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tell me your thoughts on the subject.

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