Wednesday, January 22, 2014

in five years...

So, Alex probably thinks I'm ridiculous sometimes, but I LOVE picturing our future together. I'm always asking him things like, "where do you think we'll be in five years?" "Are you going to do that with our kids?" "What kind of house do you think we'll have?" "Where are we going to live?" "Do you think we could maybe move to Hawaii?"... you know, the normal things to wonder about. He will sometimes go along with me, and sometimes he'll be all boy-ish and just give me a generic answer. Depends on the day, like, if the sun is shining, or if he's doing homework or not, or if I'm interrupting Community.

Anyway, I've been like this my whole life. I love analyzing my life to find out how I got to where I am now. Hence the 14 post long love story I guess...

So the other day I was talking to Alex about how I saw this thing on Facebook that said if you've been friends with someone for 7 years, that means that it's going to be a friendship that lasts forever. I think that must be true! I have a couple friends I've been close with for over 7 years, and even if we don't talk very often anymore, I know as soon as we get together, we'll be exactly the same.

five years ago. check out my bangs!!!

And that got me thinking about how five years ago I was in my freshman year of college. And you know, at that time of your life you're always thinking, where will I be in 5 years??

It's the strangest thing! I'm almost exactly where I thought I would be! I thought I would be married, graduated from college, and an Interior Designer. I mean, two out of the three, right? How cool is that. Our lives fly by so quickly. Five years ago seems like another life to me. We drove past one of my old apartments the other day and it just didn't seem real that I lived there. It seems like it was a dream! And back then, I couldn't believe I would ever make it to where I am now. Sure, in my fantasies, that's what I pictured. But when you're in that moment, it seems like an impossible goal. Like you'll be stuck forever at 20 years old, dating jerks, and having dance parties with your roommates. (not all of that is bad...)

So I asked Alex if he was where he thought he would be in five years? And he said, "No. I don't think I ever thought that far ahead five years ago."

And that, my friends, is the difference between boys and girls.

five years later. ok, this was a few months ago but OH remember those warm days?

p.s. are you where you thought you would be five years ago?


  1. I guess I'm married to a girl because Josh talks about our future more than I do. He already has our house plans all drawn up.

  2. Haha I swear we are the same person. I love, love, love thinking about the future. And planning. And my husband and I have these exact same generic conversations--but instead of Community being a distraction it's ESPN. I've even gotten the "I don't think that far ahead" answer so many times. But I still push! And sometimes he humors me. :)

  3. I think my husband plans more about the future than I do. Ha ha. I'm such a man sometimes. I probably didn't think I'd be in Utah still. But alas, here I am.

  4. My husband is kinda like that too sometimes. Mostly when I talk about our future children, he gets a little bit like woahhhhh that's not for a while type thing. You should write a post about where you think you will be 5 years from TODAY! Or what you would have liked to achieve, even 10 years or something

  5. I asked Pete this exact question not too long ago and his response was basically that he doesn't know. Men.


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