Monday, April 7, 2014


birthday santa came! (alex told me this, and I told him "don't talk about santa or i'll start crying" so he said, "which santa? Santa Clause?" And I burst into tears. The love I have for that fantastic old man is a little disconcerting.

 I tell Alex I want a kitten a lot... so I got one! And olivia sent me a crab sucker from Maryland. so cute.
Alex got me a face cake. A real live face cake with my school picture on it! My family wouldn't eat my face, so I brought it to work today. It was a hit.

 Well, somehow I survived to the ripe old age of 24.

24, man, 24! I haven't felt a huge connection to the past few birthdays. When I turned 21 it was great. I just KNEW I should be 21, ya know? 22 and 23 went by in a haze. Especially 23. 23 was a "let's get this wedding planning done and not care about birthday" year.

24 feels reminiscent of 21. Like, I know this is the spot I'm supposed to be at. 24 feels old enough to be married, graduated from college and have a career. 24 feels like I've made it.

I cannot WAIT to see what this year has in store for me. Last year was a whirlwind of life changing experiences. I got married to the most awesome person, took a road trip to California, graduated with a degree in teaching, got a job as a fourth grade teacher, watched two of my sisters head out on missions, cried a lot, laughed a lot, laughed so hard that i cried a lot, learned a lot, and felt so thankful I thought my heart would burst.

I have a feeling 24 will only get better.

p.s. general conference was this weekend and it was SO awesome. watch it here for some inspiration.


  1. Happppppy Birthday! Looks like your husband treated you well! xo

  2. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had an awesome time! :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm glad you got spoiled =)

  4. Ah happy birthday! Lol where did he get the face cake done? It looks so awesome!!
    some girl - a diary.

  5. Happy birthday! I'm turning 24 this year, too, but I don't think I feel the same way about it that you do. It's just... weird. Haha!
    Looks like you had a good birthday and a really great year.

    Sue//Chevron and Lace

  6. Happy birthday!!

    For me, hitting 25 was that year. I have felt like such an adult with our mortgage, being in my teaching career, and needing to learn how to mow the lawn for fun! It is kind of a fun thing though :)


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