Wednesday, April 2, 2014

i can fly i can fly i can fly!

Well, spring break continues to amble on. I, for one, am surprised that it is actually Wednesday right now. I feel the need to rewind already! Stop! It's going too fast! But I should just be thankful I have this week off, right? One thing's for sure, being a teacher sure has perks when it comes to breaks.


Let me tell you about the time I flew! That's right! I actually flew, in the air.

It is my brother's sixteenth birthday today. He doesn't read this blog, or else I would probably do a sappy shout out to him or something. But you know, he is my favorite brother hands down and I wouldn't trade him for the world blah blah blah.

Since 16 is such a big time in life, we decided to do something big to celebrate! This ended up being us going to the iFly in Ogden for indoor sky diving! So we showed up, watched a training video where we learned all the hand signals, and then geared up in the lovely and attractive flight suits. My mom put her helmet on backwards. Alex needed help with his chin strap. My brother and I rocked the getting dressed portion. My dad took the pictures. #photocred #whyisphotocredathing

I thought I would have this flying thing down on lock, but.... it wasn't as easy as they made it look in the training video! You know, the video where they show a six year old hovering without help and enjoying every minute?? Right?? Anyway.

I got in and the guy helped me balance and I had it figured out for a few seconds at least, but let me tell you, it was a blast! I was really flying! It was a dream come true. It made me reminisce on the days that my sisters and I thought we could tie cardboard to our arms to make wings...

So anyway, here's a picture and a video of me looking like a fool but having an absolute blast!
nevermind the fact that i look like a 12 year old rag doll with an oversized head... it's a cute picture!

p.s. have you guys ever done indoor skydiving? or real skydiving?

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  1. this is SO awesome! i want to do this so bad with my husband. you are a lucky girl!!:)


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