Monday, May 12, 2014

sisters sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...

This weekend was a little too fun if you know what I mean... It was a weekend that should not have ended! It should have lasted forever and ever until summer starts! So basically should have lasted for the next three weeks. Oh well.

I spent the weekend planting flowers, getting mani's and pedi's and shoe shopping with my mom for a little Mother's Day Weekend Extravaganza. There was this girl at Famous Footwear that was like 10 feet tall, with the longest legs and hair and she was trying on heels, and she was just so FABULOUS that I was like... in awe. I don't know. People are just really beautiful sometimes. Nothing like that to make you feel a little frumpy, right? It's all good though. Celebrate! Rejoice! Everyone is wonderful.

Then on Sunday, my sisters called.

Oh, my sisters! I love them so much. No one else really just "gets" me, ya know? Like, sometimes I'll tell stories and no one laughs and I'm like... Abi and Olivia would get it. They would get it! I miss them. They are off on amazing adventures and doing the right thing, and I love that, but I miss them. My mom and I are outnumbered by boys in the house now, and it's a little odd. Granted, my brother is the most hilarious person alive, but so much hilarity can be a bit draining now and then.

Anyway, this is getting a little rambly. Like most of my posts. But I love family, and I had a great weekend, and I hope you did too!!

How was your mother's day weekend??

p.s. i've got an exciting new blog design on the way!! can't wait!


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