Thursday, July 24, 2014

How To: Take Photos Like Me (Madeline)

Step one: Say in your most excited voice, "Let's take a picture!!!!" (You should mostly be excited that you even remembered you have a camera.) Wait patiently for your husband to get his cool face on.

Step 2: Act like you don't care about looking perfect in the picture so your husband doesn't judge you, while simultaneously figuring out the best way to tilt your face, and the best way to smile. You should be taking a picture while you do this, the blurrier the better.

 Step 3: Lean your head into your husbands face so that he has to adjust his glasses in the middle of the picture. It's important to forget about spacial awareness. And you're ready to smize! (Top Model anyone? Anyone? Buhler?)

Step 4: *Only for the most daring!* Attempt to take a kissing picture, but get really nervous about it in the middle, so your hand is shaking and you're trying to get it over with. As seen in step 2 - the blurrier the better.

And there you have it! You'll be a photo pro in no time.

 photo madeline-sig_zps3d16e9d1.png

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