Monday, August 11, 2014

where have i been??

Oh, hello there! It's me, the absentee blogger. Here are some pictures of me looking like a dork, and Alex looking serious, because let's be honest, these are our faces most of the time. (In fact one time, a boy actually told me that if I could see the weird faces I make, I would stop making them. Which I thought was very rude of him to say, but I continued on with my weird faces anyway. Because who the heck cares what he thinks? And that was that.)

Life has literally been chaotic lately. I'm not being one of those people who say, "I'm so busy" just to make my life sound cooler than yours, or whatever people say that for. I'm saying it because it's true! Every day for the past week (and for the week ahead) I've been driving to and from Logan in the  morning to do a Jump Start program for some in-coming fourth graders. We haven't officially moved up to Logan yet, so I'm commuting every day. Then I usually have some sort of meeting right after Jump Start in Logan that I need to go to, or else I drive back down to Bountiful to go to my summer job. I've been reconciling bank accounts for my Uncle's business all summer! (bet you didn't know I had accounting skills, did ya?)

After that my time is devoted to eating, Alex, my mom, and sleeping. Blogging has become something totally on the back burner. But I think things will settle down soon!

I mean, I just got my dad's old Kindle Fire, and I haven't even had a chance to enjoy all the wonders waiting for me inside of that piece of technology which is UNHEARD OF in my world. Madeline? Not having time to figure out how to read all the books in the world? Unthinkable.

And with this update, I will end by saying, I hope to blog all about our Zion's vacation very soon.

Love you all. Hope you keep reading!

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  1. Cute hat! Looking forward to reading about your trip :)

  2. I love that his face is exactly the same in both pictures. Men are funny :)

  3. So glad you're coming back! I've missed you! But oof, that drive sounds rough.

  4. We all hit super busy seasons! Glad you aren't giving up on blogging :)


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