Tuesday, November 11, 2014

i wore these outfits. and it was good.

Right now i'm supposed to be figuring out Alex's Ethics class homework. Is this ethical? I'm saying yes. Because I'm paying for his education (not all of it.. the kid gets scholarships, luckily) so I can take a look at these things too, I have decided. However, I looked at it, and I was like huh? And then I looked at it more, thinking those feelings might go away, but it's still like huh? So I don't know. When my fourth graders say "I don't get it" I tell them to just stop it and let's try again, because if you get in that mindset then you might get stuck and then where would we be?!?! So I tried telling that to myself, and all I felt was annoyed. I should maybe take another angle with my fourth graders? This is a great learning experiment.

Anyway, I wore these clothes, and I took pictures. I actually had like 3 other great outfits last week (that now I can't recall what they even looked like...) but I just didn't ever photograph them. Because when it comes down to it, do we even care? I submit that we do not. Although if you care, don't hesitate to set me straight. I can change my ways. Maybe.

 LEFT: blazer - h&m; scarf - Bohme; dress - Hip & Humble; tights - your local place you get tights from; boots - nordstrom rack. All old things that I rarely wear. It was a rediscovery of what I already have kind of day.
RIGHT: pearl necklace - Jerrick's Fine Jewelry, Logan UT (gift from Alex last Christmas - heart eyes!!) dress - ASOS; shoes - Famous Footwear. Also all things I've had for a year or more. You don't have to be buying new things to enjoy your clothes!

FRONT AND CENTER: shirt - Gap; skirt - Nordstrom Rack; shoes - can't see them so who cares.

 photo madeline-sig_zps3d16e9d1.png


  1. I feel the same way about Josh's homework. I want graduation to come just as much as he does.

  2. Beautiful outfits. I love the dress on the right & I just love your blog. You're adorable!

    1. Awww shucks you're making me blush!! Thanks for reading!

  3. Love, love the floral dress!! And ethics ... I just wish people actually followed the ethics we learn about in our schooling (or the schooling of our spouses - read as YOUR spouse, since I don't have one). But that is a topic for an entirely different day (read as NO day probably). :)

  4. Simplicity with a big cozy sweater and maxi? Yes! Love it.


    P.S. I'm giving away a gift card to The Loft on my blog!

    1. Simplicity is my style to a T most days!!

  5. I love that dress and skirt! So adorable.


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