Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Madeline's Surprise: A Routine Story (aka Flog Challenge Week 3)

Here is my third video for the FLOG challenge. Let me tell you guys, I almost gave up on this one. I was like, routines? What routines? Shall I talk to them about how when I wake up, I peruse my phone in the same order every morning? (instagram, twitter, Facebook, bloglovin, email...) Shall I show them how I get ready for the day? How I get ready for bed? Why would I show them these things? (Getting ready for the day and getting ready for bed would probably look like I'm trying to sell you Mary Kay, which I'm not, I just love their skin care. But also, if you did want me to get Mary Kay for you I could... this is not a sales pitch, sorry.)

Anyway, I picked the routine of looking at a fridge and a pantry full of food, and not feeling super into anything that is in there. Am I the only person who does this??

What the FLOG challenge is: here.
Link up this week: here.

You should all do it! I love watching everyone's videos!

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  1. Yes, I feel like this is my life every day. I'm like ,"What takes the least amount of effort to prepare?"


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