Wednesday, September 14, 2011

can i ask you a question?

Let's get real here, everyone. I don't just spend all my time with my best buddies, eating treats, singing songs, and playing pogs. I don't spend all my time at school. (quite the opposite... My classes are done in the morning, and then I'm left to my own devices.) The rest of my time, is often taken up by a funny little thing we call...


But that's as far as I can take you into my dating life, I'm afraid. That's what happens when boys read your blog. Wouldn't want to spill all my feelings on the internet in front of them... ya know what I'm saying?? huh? huh? *elbow nudge*

Anyway, I feel like this is a large part of my life that I can't exactly share with all of you, but I would like to! Because it's the most fun to talk about. Don't pretend you don't agree. I know you think it's the best.

So I'll take you into the past.

Last year, I let a boy take me on a date. When he called, he said that we would be going to The Spaghetti Factory in Salt Lake, at Trolley Square. I had never been there, so I thought that was pretty cool. And I'm all for Italian food. Who isn't? But then he also said that we were going to go ice skating afterward. Ice skating. Something you should know is that, ice skating strikes a small fire of fear into my heart. Here's the thing, guys. I'm the most uncoordinated person ever. So the farthest I've ever gotten with ice skating is skating around the rink in a circle, 1.5 feet from the wall. And you know, fast for me is like outrunning the four year old who is basically doing triple axels... I digress. Anyway, I said yes. Went along on the group date to the Spaghetti Factory. Which was super delicious. And then wandered out, dragging my feet to the outdoor ice rink. Where of course, I stumbled and fumbled all over the ice, claiming that I needed to "warm up", while my date flew around the rink at the speed of light, spinning in circles and lifting small children in the air. In the end, I found another girl who, while still better than me, claimed she wasn't having much fun skating. We quickly exited the rink and sat by the fire for the remainder. My date was putting on an olympic worthy show by then, and hardly noticed I had gone, since the crowd was cheering loudly and singing Journey songs.

Feel free to watch this youtube video. You only have to watch the beginning to understand what I look like while skating. (I never fall down because I'm too slow...)

Needless to say, I promised myself I wouldn't go out with him again.

p.s. you know what's kind of fun? Zumba.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wow, you must be a dating machine because we never see you around anymore!

  3. I like that Jason deleted his first comment.

  4. I like that I saw the first comment beforenit was deleted. And I wish you and Jason all the happiness in the world.


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