Friday, October 7, 2011

oh, um... hello! *blush*

All righty then. Here we are on a cloudy, cold and rainy Friday morning. 
I'm doing pretty great... how are you all?
My friend Carli tagged me in one of those blog things...
and since I have never had that happen before,
I thought perhaps I would entertain you all with seven things about me!

this is me trying not to feel extremely claustrophobic, so my friends will think i'm "cool" for walking through the narrows.

1. I have an iPhone 4 that I love. I'm perfectly happy with it. Seriously, no jealousy whatsoever about the new iPhone 4s that just came out and has a lot of really cool stuff. Yep. Don't care.

2. When it's cold outside, my car's "break" light on the dashboard gets frozen too. So sometimes I panic because I think I left my e-break on. But no.... 

3. When I get anxious, uncomfortable, or awkward, I may do one of three things. Pull on my hair, bite my finger, or pull on my earlobes.

4. I was the nerdy girl in elementary school. And when I say that, I mean it. You can ask anyone. Ask them. "Who was the weirdest nerdiest girl in elementary school?" And they'll all shout, "Madeline!"

5. I used to be afraid of talking on the phone. It was an almost paralyzing fear. I learned quickly that I should get over that once I got a real job.

6. I also used to not be adventurous at all. But now all I ever want to do is try new things. Which I think makes me one of those cool adventurous types of girl that the boys totally fawn over... HA.

7. When I love something, I buy it. There are just some things that I KNOW I have to have. Definitely not one of those people who sits there for days and weeks and months wondering if I should get it... cough*kjarinda*cough

oh my... I was totally going to do an eight, but then I remembered that this list only has to be seven! Guess I love talking about myself more than I let on?
Anyway, hope you all had an enjoyable week, and that all my kissing stories lit up your life. If any of you have good stories, feel free to share... obviously they're the best. Because kissing is the best... oh, what? ummm... k, talk to you guys lata! 

p.s. I guess I'm supposed to tag people to do this too?? So...Kjarinda, Jaron, Kaitlyn,KamilleMollieStacia, and Jessica


  1. Just looking at that picture makes me feel claustrophobic... I like reading about you as much as you like writing about you!

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