Thursday, October 6, 2011

#4. the boy who proved me wrong

you may recall this scene in the movie Hitch. If not, go watch the movie. This picture is simply to illustrate a "doorstep scene". via
How did this happen? This boy that I had previously been SO annoyed with, suddenly here with me, making me laugh... Also making me go country dancing, which was something that I swore every year up here that I wouldn't do. Nothing is fun to me about swirling and twirling around the dance floor to "Honky Tonk Be Donk a Donk" or whatever in the heck that song is. But there I was tonight, enjoying myself. Doing awkward under the arm dance moves, and enjoying being with this kid.

We got out of his little red Eclipse, and made our way slowly across the deep snow of the parking lot. They never plowed our street. When we got to the little pathway up to my front door, he grabbed my hands suddenly and said, "lean backwards."

Well, I knew exactly what he was up to. He was going to drop me in the snow! At first I resisted, but finally I decided it didn't matter, and leaned back as far as I could. And... what do you know, he didn't drop me! So I stood back up and told him I wanted to do the same thing to him. So I grabbed his hands, and he leaned backwards. But, let's face it, I'm not exactly the strongest person in the world, and he fell into the snow, yanking me down with him. We laughed about this for a while, and I thought, is it going to happen? But soon enough, we both stood up and walked up to my front door.

We stood there hugging for a while. A long long while. And we kept saying good-bye. We kept saying goodnight, see you later, I had a lot of fun tonight... but we kept holding on anyway. I thought he wouldn't let go of me, but thinking back on it, maybe I just didn't want him to. (He would later say it was all my fault.)

Talking and talking and talking... it just kept going on, until finally...
I was teasing him, "Your Australian accent was totally fake!"
"No," he said, "I went on my mission there! It's normal to pick up the accent, I wasn't making it up!"
"You were faking," I said, "that's why I was always so annoyed with you!"
"Annoyed with me!" he cried, "it was real!"
I just laughed, because I never thought this would happen.
And then, without even thinking about it, we kissed. Oh yes, we kissed.
As the snow felt softly, with his car still running in the background, and the Asians driving back and forth on the road, we kissed.

p.s. it's been fun reminiscing with you guys... but i think the kissing posts will end here :)

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  1. I still have a hard time remembering this guy's name sometimes. I just always think of him as "Australian Accent Boy."


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