Friday, November 11, 2011

cheers to the freakin weekend

Hi there, everyone!
Sorry for the unexpected and unexplained blogging break.
(I know I know... only two days. Well, it felt really long to me.)
I got on the computer on Tuesday night to write a post, and I just couldn't. I didn't feel like it at all. None of the words inside my head wanted to come out. 
And you know, that's fine. 
It's a good thing to keep words to yourself sometimes.
I hope you all have had a fabulous week!
Mine was full of cupcakes, root beer freezes, friends, work, math tests, and dreaming of future vacations.
And I cannot explain to you how excited I am for this weekend.
My fabulous lil sis Abi is coming to stay with me, and I am going to FREAK OUT with spasms of happiness.
Oh, and Utah State is totally going to take BYU out in Basketball tomorrow.
Yay for school rivalries and family visits.

Bring it on.

p.s. someone PLEASE take my shift tonight... cross your fingers for me.


  1. WHAT? someone better take your shift. i don't wanna sit alone in your house all day. just kidding. i'll steal your laptop and blog

  2. follow mom's blog!


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