Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Sometimes I have a feeling.
I have this feeling that I'm here, and life is good...
but something is missing.
And when I think about all the things this world has to offer,
I get this huge desire in me to get out there and see it all.
That's all I want.
Just to get away and observe the beauty.
Be a part of it for a while.
Move somewhere that no one knows my name, all by myself, and learn how to be there.
Learn how to be me.
Out on my own.
It sounds like paradise... even writing these words right now I'm feeling restless.
My heart, my head, my legs, my fingers.... they're all begging me to leave on an adventure...
Oh money, where art thou?
The only thing holding me back.
It's devastating.

p.s. happy birthday Braden!


  1. You know I've had the same feeling, to go out on my own, but for some reason no matter what we always look for some one to be by our side. The first that is by our side is god, he will always be there, then he blesses us with a friend. although it may seem like we are alone we never are. so don't travel alone. but if you do it wont be long before you find friend.

  2. I took a class called Wanderlust once. It was one of the most wonderful things I've ever done. I wrote a paper for it that is beautifully heartbreaking. Maybe you can read it someday.

    Also. Maybe we could travel together? I hear Greece is nice.

  3. "Oh money, where art thou"?

    Sounds just like me :)

  4. oh how i can relate to that feeling of wanting, needing to run away and enjoy. :o)
    I love that quote too by the way!
    Hope you'll have a chance to go somewhere soon, somehow :o)

  5. Thanks for the P.S. Shout out! Also, I believe I also have wanderlust. That would help explain my unquenchable need to go on road trips. If I were super rich, I know exactly how I would spend it...traveling.


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