Tuesday, November 22, 2011

i eat way too many treats

i love driving home in the snow. love. it.
The other day I was driving home in the snow. That day was Friday.
I had to get to a wedding.
A wedding for my cousin and his lovely bride.
Luckily I made it safely. Of course pausing to take pictures of my 15 minute wait in line to turn onto main street. 
You know, every year the snow comes. And every year, people act surprised.
"Oh my goodness, all of a sudden it is snowing! Just yesterday it was sunny! Now it is cold, and I must wear my jacket. I don't know if I'll be able to drive anywhere today. Driving in the snow is scary."
And to these people I say, "Ahem. How long have you lived in Logan? Or Utah for that matter?"
Just saying.
Maybe it's because most people were not born with amazing driving-in-the-snow skills?
I should learn to be more sympathetic.
Anyway, I can hardly wait, because on Wednesday, I will be in a car driving again. Only this time, it will be up to Island Park to stay in a toasty cabin with my superb family.
I love going places. Being free. 
With people I love.
Oh freedom.
I can feel you in the air.
Every time I step onto the icy walkways.
You whisper, I'm almost here.
Almost here.
And just like the snow comes every year,
so do the weeks of freedom.
So, welcome.

p.s. tomorrow is my last day at my job. ha! i'll have to tell that story another day.


  1. Come with me! Go places! Hahaha this made me laugh! Your too cute. I totally read it to my friend and she laughed too! I like your blog a lot lately.

  2. so i confess that i am blog stalking you..

    and your writing makes me laugh.


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