Monday, November 21, 2011

when i tried to be like my sister

i would tell you all the details of this outfit, but all of it except the tights and shoes are Abi's. So. Sorry.

So this is me. Attempting to model as well as my lil sis. Didn't turn out quite that great. But also, she styled this whole outfit. Do you like it? I told her to just tell me what to wear, because I was feeling kind of lazy, and didn't bring a huge selection home with me.
I also got my hair done this weekend. It's really dark. With lots of red in it. 
Not quite what I was expecting, but I've always been happy with change, and this is no exception.
This weekend my other lil sis was in a community play.
She was the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland.
The whole play itself was kind of silly... I'm pretty sure that's just because i'm 21 years old though. 
But she rocked it.
She was totally the star of the show. Talented kid.
I just have to say sorry that after I bought her flowers, I put them in my car, and then they fell down, and the prettiest flower of them all fell off.
It was really disappointing.
But hey, no reason to cry over a broken flower... right?
Happy Monday!

p.s. two days until thanksgiving break... we we we so excited we so excited we gonna have a ball... on that day!

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  1. I'm obsessed with your hair. the red looks fantastic. And tell Abi she's welcome to find me cute clothes while I'm on my mission and send them to me.


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