Monday, November 7, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like...

footie pajamas, a fort, and christmas pancakes. all in one weekend.
Basically I think the pictures speak for themselves...
I had an awesome weekend. 
Some highlights?
1. Getting work off on Friday night to spend more time with Kjarinda because my car was stuck in the parking garage.
2. Going to the store with Matt, and talking him into letting us get candy canes. (This only worked because we promised to not get Chrtismas-y ones. Lifesaver candy canes? yes please.)
3. Being invited to play beer pong with a random girl in Walmart... "please? I'll even buy more beer! It's like, not a problem!" Umm... no thanks, we're just going to build a fort and eat our candy canes and watch Cars 2....    .....     ..... ha
4. Watching Matt build the fort while we make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for the second time this week. We needed to finish off the pumpkin!!
5. Sleeping in a fort. Enough said.
6. Waking up to beautiful snow on the ground.
7. Convincing Matt to come back over and make us breakfast while we play Michael Buble's Christmas CD... hey all you Christmas music haters out there, it just fit with the mood, ok?
8. When Matt made us pancakes shaped like Christmas things, and we realized he was finally coming around to the idea.
9. Watching Elf. In the fort.
10. Running to my house to meet my dad and brother, and being totally knocked off my feet by the surprise they brought me... footie pajamas!!!!!!!!! I'm so FREAKIN excited! (I may or may not be wearing them right now.)

Oh wait, was that my whole weekend? Sorry guys... I guess the whole thing was worthy of being highlighted. You can be jealous.

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  1. I will say this, I was smiling the ENTIRE time I was reading this. yes, no joke. haha.
    you forgot about matt dancing to sexy and I know it on our way to walmart. haha.

    What a joyous occasion that was. Indeed.

  2. agreed. saturday=christmas-y feeling

  3. I have two pairs of footie pjs that I can't wait to start wearing more often now that it is cold. We stuffed them with newspaper for Halloween and they have been chilling around the house pretending to be roommates 4 and 5. Also I love blanket forts.


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