Wednesday, December 7, 2011

here's how the story ends.

Work. Tuesday, November 22, 2011.

I had continued on since my day of being fired, doing the best job that I could (as usual), and had received no complaints from Pam whatsoever. This made me increasingly suspicious of her. I couldn't shake the feeling that she had ulterior motives, and after telling my friends and family the story, they seemed to agree with me. However, I didn't want to assume that I was the perfect employee who could never deserve such a thing to happen to her. Perhaps I did do something wrong? Perhaps I was lazy, and too dumb to do this job? Maybe everyone was just saying she must have had a different reason because they felt bad for me and wanted to be nice. I tried to stop thinking about it, but every time I remembered my job I couldn't help but feel sick with shame. How could I have lost this job? What on earth did I do wrong?
Well. Finally the day came that I was supposed to pack up and leave. The receptionist nervously told me that I should take my name plate with me, avoiding eye contact. Pam agreed whole heartedly, and laughed when I joked about only having it for two weeks. Later, while I was running errands, I happened across my other supervisor, Jim. He quickly waved me into his office.
"So... today is your last day," he said.
"Yeah, kinda weird, huh?" I asked, trying not to tear up or anything embarrassing like that.
"Yes. Actually... it is kind of weird."
I looked at him.
"Look," he said, gazing at me apologetically, "I just want you to know, this isn't because of anything you did. I think Pam found out Shelly was coming back, and just really wanted to hire her again."
I couldn't help it. Tears were definitely forming. "I thought it might be something like that." I whispered.
He went on, "Pam came to me a couple weeks ago and told me she was thinking of letting you go... I told her I didn't think it was a good idea, but I guess she wanted to do it anyway. Listen, will you come back and talk to me later? A kind of 'exit interview'?"
I nodded, left his mail on his desk, and walked out.
I couldn't help but be on the verge of tears. I walked around the building, looking for things to clean up as an excuse to control my emotions before I went back into the office. 
I was right. I was completely right. She was looking for any small reason possible to get rid of me so that she could hire Shelly back. Just because Shelly had worked there for a while and didn't require any training. Well, Shelly left, didn't she? I did deserve this job. Vindication was never so bitter sweet.
An hour later, sitting at my desk, Pam came out of her office and locked the door.
"I'm sure Betty told you," she said, referring to the receptionist, "but i'm leaving early today. So thank you for everything, and have a great Thanksgiving!" She smiled, nice and wide.
I managed a small grin and told her to have a good Thanksgiving as well. 
Then I went into Jim's office. He asked me to tell him everything, and in turn, he told me everything as well. All about how Pam came to him, and gave him the same little reasons she gave me for getting rid of me. Jim defended me, saying those were small mistakes that didn't warrant me getting fired. He reminded her of all the times she had been so happy with my work. He told her he didn't feel good about it. But in the end, she overrode his decision, and told him she thought she had made the right choice. He even went to the Pam's boss and explained the situation, but she knew little about me and my work, so she trusted Pam. 

And that is the story of how I got fired for no reason.

p.s. not having that job has given me a lot of free time. if anyone would like to spend time with me, just say the word.


  1. 1. I also love that the names are Jim and Pam
    2. I also love the backdrop of your picture :)


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