Thursday, December 8, 2011

end of semester boredom? strange.

look! i finished my very first half gallon of milk this semester! it didn't even go bad! woo hoo!
All I have been doing lately is telling stories.
I'm sorry, is that annoying?
When I first started this blog, that's basically all it was.
I hardly ever told what was happening in my real life.
But you know, writing about real life is just as fun sometimes.
So I hope you don't mind my stories, I'll try to make it an even balance... I just have a lot of good ones lately.
This week is so strange to me. I can hardly believe it's the last week of classes.
And due to what I posted about the last two days... I've been basically dying of boredom.
There's only so much homework and studying you can do in a day, you know? (and by that I mean, no homework at all, what?)
So for that reason, I'm pretty excited to have a long and much needed break.
(I am so so serious about the dying of boredom thing. Anyone want to hang out?)
But the end is getting closer.
And closer. 
As I was gently reminded as I walked out of my class of death last ESL class of the semester.
Into the bitter cold.
Wearing my shark sweatshirt. Because what else would I wear?
Bring it on, school. Bring it on.

uhh... I take that back actually. if you could go easy on me, School, that would be much appreciated.

p.s. girls just wanna have fun is stuck in my head. really. stuck there.


  1. I'm the only one commenting. Which means I'm the only one who wants to hang out with you. That's because we're meant for each other. See you tomorrow.

  2. THAT IS NOT TRUE! Paha girls just wanna have fun


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