Wednesday, December 28, 2011

i have all the potential to be a musical person. now let's see if i can live up to it.

Now you all know what I look like with a mustache. 
And you also can see a small part of my ukulele.
I have to tune my ukulele almost every time I even touch a string.
Kjarinda says this is because it's new, and it will start being a lot better once the strings have stretched out.
But oh, when the tune is right, it sounds so sweet.
Can't you just picture me walking around the house strumming away? Or around my future classroom? Or around Logan in the summer?
Because I can. 
I'm going to be a ukulele pro come this time next year.
Just watch me.

p.s. congratulations to my beautiful neighbor friend collette getting married today! how wonderful. and more congratulations to my bff Jenna on getting engaged today! so happy for love. 
p.p.s. i can't remember what it feels like to not be tired. i'm officially an adult.

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  1. I just love you. Even if you decline my WWF invitation ;)


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