Monday, December 5, 2011

maybe it's about what i want

jumping on some rocks
Welcome, welcome, Monday!
You know that moment - the one where time stands still.
And you sit there, on pause, staring into the face of your decision?
It's like holding your breath inside of a bubble.
While thoughts race and race through your mind, all the different scenarios playing out in one big lump, and you know you can't be frozen for much longer, you have to choose... 
And a second later you've decided.
You've taken the leap of faith, or you haven't.
Well, I would like to say, there must be something in jumping on impulse.
And whether or not that something ends up being the perfect-just-what-you-wanted ending, or the total dumps...
at least you don't have a What If? hanging over your head.

So here's to acting on impulses.
And being happy about it.

p.s. according to many reports recently... my house is haunted. Did NOT see that coming.


  1. p.s. I feel that this post is time-appropriate. Thank you.

  2. Is this about what I think it's about?


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