Wednesday, January 4, 2012

i forgot the creative titles you came up with, but here's the post

this picture was taken about three years ago. just fyi.
Cody Dw Scott
Cody Scott is the type of kid who makes people laugh a lot. He's also the type of guy who makes you do his homework, and you do it, because you just really want him to think you're cool. He draws interesting pictures in English class while you're learning about Huckleberry Finn, much to the chagrin of the teacher. He writes you letters with pokemon stickers all over them. He has no respect for the advisors at his school. He lived in Loveland Colorado, which gives Haley much delight. He's borderline inappropriate a lot, and thinks Twilight is good entertainment. 
Cody Scott is The One That Got Away.
a.k.a. the one I high-fived on the doorstep, and he hasn't really gotten over it.

p.s. told you i'd write a blog post about you.
p.p.s. don't waste time speculating over this post. his eyes really are that red in real life. 

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