Tuesday, January 3, 2012

no trouble in paradise

Tonight I was at Kjarinda's house, just you know, chillin... watching some tv shows. (doesn't really matter what they were.)
And we got to talking about our amazing trip coming up in March for Spring Break.
Because, yes, that's right, we are going to HAWAII.
I have never been, so this is a big deal to me.
It was so exciting thinking about all the fun we have in store for our futures. And honestly, the fun doesn't end there. Both of us have amazing 2012's coming up. It's so great to have a plan for almost the whole year. 
The great thing is, we know that we start school next week. We know that we are going to Hawaii in March. We know that my birthday is in April (which we also know my friends are going to throw a HUGE party for... right friends?? :) ) We know that we will be on the same team for EFY this summer as BC's. We know that we will go back to school in the fall. Me, for my last semester EVER. And we know that Christmas will come, yet again. ;)
But the even better thing is what we don't know.
We don't know what our classes will bring, or who we will meet, or what choices we'll make. We don't know what is going to happen in our day to day lives.
And I think I've mentioned this quite a few times on this blog... I love the unknown. 
I love feeling on the edge of something new, and not knowing where life will take me.
So, bring on this new year. The fancy trips and busy summers.
But throw in a lot of unexpected surprises now and then too.

could this be real life?!?

p.s. mission impossible was so good. so. good. mmmm... i have SUCH a desire to be a secret agent you guys, it's kind of embarrassing.


  1. I love this post :) 1. because I'm a planner and love having things to look forward to but 2. I also love the unknown that is to come.

    Happy new Year :)

    p.s. Hawaii?!?! I am totaaally jealous!

  2. so I was thinking, first movie night back in logan... Lilo and Stich. Please. And then that surfer one, ya know.. where the shark amputated her arm.

  3. Good to know, I really want to see that movie!

    Thanks for the Let's Talk Trunk link love!

  4. ok i just found your blog..and hawaii is sort of my go-to vacation..and if there is ONE thing i can suggest for anyone going there, is going manta-ray diving!!! it is absolutely amazing and by far the greatest thing i've done out there. Its worth the money (usually around 100) for an ocean ride out and a tour guide to dive with you. seriously, worth it :) you will never forget it.


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