Friday, January 20, 2012

observations of the normal kind.

hanging out in the library, you know, listening to music and thinking about stuff. that's what libraries are for, right?

Things People Say That Mean Nothing:
(a.k.a. things people say but don't intent on following through with or things people say when they really mean something else.)

"We should be friends!" (this is something people say when they first meet each other and find out they have something in common. It means that you SHOULD be friends, but let's face it, neither of you will ever put in enough effort, and you'll end up just being people who can say hi to each other, or sit by each other at social events where you don't really know anyone else.)
"Let's do something!" (This is something people who USED to be really good friends say to each other when they start feeling bad about not being as good of friends anymore. It really means that you wish you could do something for old times sake, but you'll really be too busy with something else because your life is very different now.)
"How are you?" (Puh-Lease. Picture the last time you said this to anyone with the intent of actually finding out how they are? Ok. Can you remember their answer?)
"That's ok." (This is something people say a lot when it is definitely NOT ok, but you don't want to seem dramatic or needy.)
"It's not a big deal." (It usually is a big deal. Treat it as such. Again, this is with the intent of not wanting to seem dramatic or needy.)
"Don't worry about it." (This really means, please do worry about it, because I wouldn't have said anything to you if I didn't care, but I don't want you to feel obligated to care about my life.)

p.s. this is all true. (p.s. i recognize that this is not always true all of the time.)


Tell me your thoughts on the subject.

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