Wednesday, January 18, 2012

words of wisdom

You know what? 
I'm not one to go around giving unsolicited advice.
(although, if you need advice, I'd be happy to help you out. I'm all about talking about life and ways we can improve. It's kind of a fun thing to think about.)
But here's a word of wisdom from Madeline to you.
Something I learned quite a while ago, that I find very valuable in basic human interaction.
Don't ever point out what you think are your "flaws".
Girls are terrible at this.
We walk around constantly feeling like people are judging the way our hair shines in the sunlight, or if our boots have high heels, or if our arms or thighs look a little chunky.
Here's a fact for ya: PEOPLE DON'T CARE.
They aren't looking at you like that.
In fact, if they are taking time to look at you, it's probably either because they like what they see - or you have something on your face.
Don't you dare go around telling people, "I hate the way I look when I walk", or "I feel like I'm really annoying when I do [insert something random here]"
Because the moment you say it, is the moment everyone really notices.
Your nice friend will say, "What?! I have never noticed that. You're absolutely crazy!"
But the next time you walk, or do that annoying thing... they'll notice.
So, the lesson here is: Play everything off with confidence. Never point out imaginary flaws. No one else notices, so stop thinking about it, and own everything you do.

p.s. sometimes i feel like school can be over with.

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