Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a glimpse of who i really am

You can tell my roommate Kate is back, because there is beautiful singing coming from the kitchen.
I was lucky enough to have Tuesday off of school as well as Monday, and I cannot stop rejoicing over the extra time... to do homework!
Last night I got home around midnight. But I still wasn't tired. So I took my sweet time getting ready for bed, snuck into my room past my sleeping roommate, grabbed my handy booklight and pulled the covers over my head. 
I felt like a little kid again, reading Harry Potter under those covers. Hoping turning the pages wasn't too loud while everyone else is asleep.
You know, I loved reading. (Still love it, though times have changed.) I was the little girl who left the library with a stack of books half her size, and returned the next week for a new stack. 
I'm convinced the reason I needed glasses in fourth grade is because I read until the light from my window went away.
(I'm also convinced I half did this on purpose. I thought having glasses was a wonderful thing and that others would enjoy your company more for it. I was young.)
Now all there is to read is textbooks. And I ignore those if at all possible. 
I spend more time catching up on random, pointless tv shows than absorbed in a good book.
And I have this fear, that as I get older, I'll have less and less time to read. 
And that someday, my little memory of reading until the light was gone, will be such a distant thing that I hardly recognize it as me anymore.
I believe I'll be done with that now. 
Consider me a girl who loves to read. (With maybe a smaller stack of books than before, but still the same passion.)

p.s. make this week a good one :)


  1. Oh my, you are not already on the half-blood prince, are you?

  2. A lot has changed since you left me, Haley.

  3. I was that girl, too, Madeline. I never thought glasses were cool, though. I got them in 4th grade too. My dad, your grandpa, used to say he couldn't believe I saw anything on our vacations, because my nose was always in a book. I wish it could still be that way...for fun. Love you. Lisa


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