Friday, February 17, 2012

expectations vs. reality

We should have taken more pictures at the concert. but the iphone camera flash is so bright it could re-blind a blind person. so you'll just have to look at this one from our trip to california.
So, I know I only got like... one comment the last time I did this. 
But hey, this is my party as they say. And I like it, so whatever.
Time for another go.

Expectation: On Monday I had the chance - as mentioned way too many times already - to go to the Mat Kearney concert. I expected this to be extremely entertaining, and a great way to spend my time with my lovely friend Lauren.

Reality: It was even better than I imagined. And even though the girl in front of me had extremely long and bushy hair that was all over me the whole time (ick) I couldn't think of a place I would rather be in that moment.

Expectation: I was almost certain that driving home the next morning would possibly be the last moments of my life.

Reality: I somehow managed to stay awake on the hour and a half drive, AND I even got to my 8:30a.m. class on time. So you can have fun and be responsible! (and be half asleep the whole next day!)

Expectation: I expected that Valentine's Day would be a long one. Full of classes all day, and then, hopefully a fun trip to see The Vow and make Valentine's cookies with my friend Kjarinda. 

Reality: Kjarinda had to work, so we went and got a cupcake. And then I spent the rest of the night at a basketball game (we won!) and doing homework. SO much love up in here.

Expectation: I was pretty sure that once again, in my morning class on Wednesday during the discussion, I would be too tired to really contribute, and what's-her-name would get mad at me about it again.

Reality: She did. So I just looked at her and said, "If I want to say something, I'll say it." Yeah... I'm not really a morning person.

Expectation: I was so happy, because Wednesday really WAS the science fair! So I went there expecting it to be fun, and that I would meet some cute kids with some interesting projects.

Reality: The Science Fair was so much fun, and I met the cutest kids ever! Including the Logan Utah version of Manny from Modern Family! And to top it all off, I got a sugar cookie with the words "Science Fair" written on it! Yum!

Expectation: I went on a date, which I thought would be really fun. Since you know, lots of boys my age don't really think going on "dates" is necessary. But I love me a legitimate date now and then, that's for sure. So, I was expecting date-ish things and a good time.

Reality: We went rock climbing, which honestly, I get a little worried about. Because as soon as I am 2 feet off the ground my heart is literally beating THROUGH my chest. My breathing becomes shallow. I start sweating. And then I book it up to the top like The Man In Black (name the movie). But it was great anyway, and the conversation at dinner - very stimulating. Although I did knock my fork to the ground at one point when the conversation became heated. I now remember what it's like to have a real date, and it's fantastic. I can't believe I ever said a negative word about them.

p.s. happy birthday to my awesome lil sis Olivia!


  1. You are so funny. I love hearing about things up in Logan town

  2. yay for good dates (well, it sounded like a good date...) also, i feel like we would be friends if i lived in logan :)


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