Monday, February 20, 2012

life goes on

apparently my camera was feeling out of focus...
This past weekend we had a farewell, of sorts. Luckily for me, Haley doesn't leave for a couple more weeks, and I'll be seeing her. But for other unlucky people, it was their last viewing of the future missionary. I'm sure they went home in a state of deep depression.
Carli put it accurately when she texted me last night and said, "Pretty soon it'll just be me and you Madeline... Weird."
It is weird. It is so so weird. Carli and I will just have to look out for each other, which shouldn't be too hard. Turtle Princess and Lumpy Space Princess unite!
I'm going to miss Haley like crazy. I'll try not to act like Bella from New Moon, but I'm telling you, it may be difficult. Luckily, I'm occupying her next two weekends. We have lovey dovey stuff to attend to for our bff Jenna. Who is getting married. Sweet.
Life changes, really fast. You never know what is going to happen, or when, or what your little seemingly insignificant or not-so-insignificant choices are going to do. 
I was chatting with Matt and Cade about that while we watched Haley be the perfect host at her own good-bye party. You never can know what is going to happen. And that was more true for the three of us standing in our little circle than almost anyone knows.

Anyway, random thoughts on friends I suppose. You guys are so fantastic, I can barely survive without you. At least Rachel comes home in like a year... right?

p.s. right now, the question of the moment: was I wrong?


  1. Sooo true. Ohh so true. Madeline, I will miss you so much! That's putting it very, very, berry, lightly.
    And good question of the moment :) Ah!

  2. my best friend left on her mission in June but we had to say good bye in May because I was going to Africa for the summer. I miss her SO much! but, getting letters from her is the best thing ever. and reading her e-mails and seeing pictures of her doing the great work is so wonderful. I know she is doing the right thing. and it goes by pretty fast too!


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