Wednesday, February 29, 2012

libraries and riddles

this is me acting like i know what i'm doing at the library. 
I have a problem. It's this thing where I constantly feel overwhelmed with things to do. And then I sit down to do them and realize that it's really not going to take as long or be as hard as I thought. 
These things usually make me want to go to the library.
So there you have it. Random fact about Madeline.
You know that she is actually feeling very stressed and overwhelmed if you catch her in the library actually doing work. Because yeah, so she usually goes there to print something off or visit friends or spin around in chairs or something. So what? 
The library is good for emergencies. It's peaceful. It has an atmosphere of productivity.
You know, I bet if I spent more time there, I would feel less stressed and overwhelmed.
What a theory! 
I will try it out.
In other news, I answered a riddle in class today. I know what you're thinking. You're raising your eyebrows and thinking, "so what?"
But let me tell  you. At the time, I was busy texting my friend Kjarinda under the desk, and thinking about free pancakes at IHOP. In the background I could hear the whole class struggling and moaning about how they didn't know the answer to the riddle. 
Want to know the riddle? It was a Hinkety Pinkety, which means that the answer to the riddle was two words that rhymed, each with three syllables. The riddle was, "What do you call a riot at church?"

(If you don't want to know the answer, because you're trying to figure it out yourself, don't bother to read on.)

So anyway, I was pondering pancakes while my class struggled with that riddle, when all of a sudden.... as if a voice from the heavens was whispering quietly in my ear... two words appeared in my mind, clear as the blue summer sky. And they had nothing to do with pancakes. The words were, "devotion commotion". I was so taken aback by these irrelevant words popping into my head, I had no idea what to do! I found myself raising my hand into the air, and spitting out the words. "Devotion Commotion!" I felt foolish almost immediately. I thought i must be wrong, because I had no idea how those words had fallen out of my mouth. 

My teacher's jaw dropped in surprise. She had just been about to tell everyone the answer. "You're right!" she said, and wrote the words on the board.

Bemused as ever, I turned back to my text message.

p.s. if you're wondering, i did go get pancakes. they were good.

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