Monday, March 5, 2012

a little thing we call life

it looks like we're drinking. and we are. drinking martinelli's.
left to right: Haley, Jenna, Robyn, and yours truly.

Last year, at this time, is funny to look back on.
So many things are similar, so many things are ironic, and so many things are different.
Last year, at this time, I was getting ready to go on spring break to St. George with some of my very best friends. We all needed a break. A little getaway with just the four of us. 
We were getting ready to say goodbye to Jenna
We were wondering where Rachel was going to end up.
Haley and I were trying to find somewhere to live together.
I had just kissed a boy.
My schoolwork seemed strenuous.
And there was snow. Lots and lots of snow on the ground.

This year, well, this year.
This year I'm getting ready to go on spring break with some friends to Hawaii of all places. Only, it's not just my friends. There are probably 45 other people I don't know who are going. And that's a fact. It is sorely needed, still. A getaway is definitely on my list of things I desperately need.
Only this year, Jenna is getting married. While I'm gone, I might add.
Rachel is in Argentina, serving a mission.
Haley has been preparing to also serve a mission... and preparing to leave the day I go to Hawaii.
I haven't kissed a boy recently.
My schoolwork is more strenuous than I ever could have imagined.
And there is no snow on the ground. Only in the mountains. 

So, it's got me thinking, you know, that nothing is a coincidence.
We are where we are for a very important reason.
It's up to us to discover that reason.
And no matter what choices we are faced with, no matter how hard they are, or if they're between something good and something bad, or even scarier, two good things - the choice we make will be the right one. Because all those choices got us to where we are, right now. And there is more to come. And they will come. It's a hard thing to realize that you never really, truly, have any down time from life. Life is constant and yet, it's ever changing. And you choose how you react to it, how you let it shape you, and mold you into something you probably never expected.

And hopefully, you're smart enough to realize that even though it was unexpected, it's most definitely right.

p.s. that's right. i leave to hawaii on WEDNESDAY.

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