Monday, February 27, 2012

what are we doing? and a new date podcast.

this is just a lovely picture. 
Tonight, I was one of the many many people watching The Oscar's.
Yeah, I'm one of THOSE people, who love watching beautiful people accept awards for their hard work in films that I usually haven't watched.
But here's the thing... tonight it actually didn't seem like silly fun anymore.
It seemed super real, and worth while.
I mean, if you think about it, those people up there have each given us something.
They seem so elite, essentially the royalty of the whole world.
But they have given us so much.
They have the power to make us feel things. They make us laugh, cry, think, wonder, feel frightened out of our minds, and feel extremely inspired.
We can walk away from a good movie, with a whole new take on life. Feeling like we could be just like that. We could change something, be something, do something to make life a little better.
At least, that's how I feel after a good movie. 
And the best thing about that is that we really do have all the potential in the world.
We can be anything, do anything, and change anything.
And maybe someday, they'll make a movie out of us :)

p.s. are you guys ready for episode 2? I sound really far away. This is because I was tired, and the microphone was heavy. But here, please enjoy my deep thoughts on rejection and dating, and what we all need to do about it! -->Datecast2.aup.bak


  1. So true how movies really touch our lives, at one point or another. There will always be movies that really touch my heart and makes me realize that sometimes happy endings can be a sweet reality. =) Oh and speaking of the Oscar's. Did you see Michelle Williams' gown, it was adorable!


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